It was during the 1920s that Messias Teves’s paternal grandfather, Francisco da Costa, first started with the traditional sausage processing industry at the time at the bottom of his own dwelling in the parish of Rosario, Lagoa (Azores), having in 1945 the need to modernize the production process with the creation of a small production unit with a slaughtering center, inspection room and a “kitchen”.

In 1960 one of his sons, Mariano da Costa Teves, also started his own sausage business, creating the “Teves Sausage”. After 23 years of great success in which all the goals set were achieved, Mariano da Costa Teves builds a productive structure framed in a stage of development of high importance for the current era.

That same year, 1983, Mariano da Costa Teves gives the leadership of the company to his son, Messias Teves, who was responsible for boosting the productive and commercial activity making it a reference in the market in which it operates. In 1988 the acquisition, by Messias Teves, to a familiar, of “Costa Salsicharia”.

On September 27, 1999, the turning point in the company’s life took place, with the inauguration of the new factory, with a useful floor area of ​​1,500 m², endowed with the productive capacity based on the most advanced regional sausage and fine sausage manufacturing techniques. , fresh products, among others. With the inauguration of the new structure, the brand name was also refreshed, changing the name of Costa Salsicharia to Sicosta. Today Sicosta, with production units on the island of São Miguel and Terceira, is present in all Azorean islands with cold stores, which ensure the correct maintenance of the cold chain from storage to distribution.

In 2009, due to the enormous success achieved, coupled with the opportunity and the need for growth, Sicosta launches itself for a new project, acquiring the production unit and the respective patent of the brand “Viçosus”. The unit, located in Alenquer, is equipped with technological means of manufacture, which will enable the expansion of the Sicosta brand in continental and international territory.

Thus is born Sicosta 2